Sunday, June 24, 2018

Cleaning Papers

A few minutes ago, our four year old walked into the kitchen and put a paper (from his personal note pad) on the shelf above the cat dish, and then turned around and loudly announced, "This paper is a cat cleaner. If she gets dirty, then you rub her with this paper and it will make her clean. If the paper gets dirty, then I will give you a new one."

Next he gave one to his Daddy to keep in the bathroom and rub his hair with. Apparently Tux Man doesn't have to wash his hair anymore, because we've got it covered!

Also, here's another picture from this afternoon:

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Messes (A Poem)


Please fill my house with messes
Each and every day
It’s summer time, so please explore
Up and down the way.
Make messes in the kitchen,
And in the backyard too,
Make certain those who visit
Are sure they’ve found the zoo!
Play with blocks, or sand and water,
Use the dishes big and small,
Make some edible creations!
And paint a mural in the hall.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
It might seem different than you thought,
But without those “failing” efforts,
You’ll never make the thing you sought.
Make sure that every mess is new.
For if you leave mess long,
Our space will fill with clutter
That mutes creative song.
Old messes slow you down!
And very soon you’ll find
They restrict creative hearts and hands,
And restrain creative minds.
So be careful with your clutter.
Make messes every day!
But never leave a mess until it’s old.
Please preserve the place we play.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Recent Photos

Smoothie Mustache!

Nana played on the slide with her grandkids. We loved it!

And, finally, several shots of Snuggle Puppy's hair, which we took simply because it needs to be cut:

Wiggles Makes Us Laugh

Wiggles found his train conductor hat and put it on. Snuggle Puppy (who is approaching 6' in height) asked, "Are you going to drive a train?" Wiggles replied "No, I can't drive a train until I'm 7. I mean, I can't drive a train until I'm 14."

The other day he (Wiggles) ran across the house yelling, "Ninja Turtle Asparagus!!!"

Yesterday we drove to Idaho Falls (and back) because we went to see the Idaho Falls Temple open house. I had tried to explain to the toddlers that they could go to the temple when they were older, if they chose to get a temple recommend, but because of the open house, they could go in to the Idaho Falls temple before it is rededicated. Later, when Tux Man told him it was time to go to the temple now, Wiggles cried out in delight, "Because I'm old?"

In a few months, we're taking a family trip by airplane. This morning, Wiggles came in and asked if he could see his ticket. I asked "What ticket?" and he replied "My ticket to ride a real hair plane."

Wiggles has loved the vacuum since he was born. Recently, with permission, he has started vacuuming the stairs by himself. (As you might imagine, I love this!)

I have been trying since last September to get him his own cello (1/16 size). A few weeks ago, I finally succeeded! We don't practice every day, but he really loves it. (And Strawberry loves to play as often as we let her, too.)

Sunday, April 23, 2017

My Little Eyes

Sometimes, during family scripture study, the little ones "read" with us. We say a few words at a time, and they repeat them.

This morning, Strawberry made a few changes to the verse she read. This is how she said it:

"And after that me have obtained faith, and have seen them with my little eyes, you shall testify of them, by the power of God."

The original verse read like this:
"And after that you have obtained faith, and have seen them with your eyes, you shall testify of them, by the power of God."
(Doctrine & Covenants 17:3, talking about testifying of the truth of the Book of Mormon)

We have been told to "liken the scriptures unto us" (1 Nephi 19:23). We think Strawberry is doing great at applying the scriptures to herself!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

FHE on accomplishing what you want to accomplish

Last night for FHE we talked about succeeding at what you want to do. The goal was to find tools to use and skills to develop that will help us as we pursue consistency in things we want to do but struggle with.

The opening song was "Nephi's Courage" https://www.lds.org/music/library/childrens-songbook/nephis-courage?lang=eng.

We read aloud http://www.raisinglemons.com/mother/tips/matrix-of-success/.

Several years ago, I read a book by Marie Ricks (I don't remember if the book was House of Order, or if that is just another book she wrote...) but in it she suggests that you "Plan, Prepare, Do, and Review" daily. I really like this approach.

Here are some other pages we referenced:


http://houseoforder.com/2010/10/ready-for-the-day/ (I don't love the story at the top, but I do like the strategies that follow)

http://houseoforder.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/38EW-BYUp-handout-2010Home-OrganizationPart-1.pdf (this has a LOT of good stuff for managing a household)

We also talked a little bit about ideas in the book "Change Anything" (which I've read a couple of times).

Mostly I'm posting this for my teenagers, because they requested references to the links we looked at, but I am positive that there are far better resources out there. I think that there are a few people who read this blog... What are your favorite resources for getting yourself to get things done?

Sunday, December 11, 2016


Note that this was not an ordered list.
We are thankful for sour cream, smoothie, glazed ham, potatoes, smoothie, family, a job that provides well, the pumpkin, turtles, cheese, "didit" (blanket), good cars, short commute, salad, our piano, vision correction, maps, family activities, professional installers, juice, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, the internet, baths, baby babble, heating and air conditioning, milk, Gary's cello, water, "more", Strawberry's hair growing, competent neurosurgeons, sausage, our kitchen, job specialization, buckles, indoor plumbing, a comfortable bed, Avatar, Strawberry's fuzzy owl pajamas, my genetics, snuggles, disposable diapers, music, potato, zucchini fritters, culture, airplanes, computers, smart phones, ham, noses, prosthetic brains, nursery, Jesus Christ, liberty, Daniel Tiger ears, Hank Smith, communication and storage of ideas, Jesus Christ, electronic shopping lists, family and friends, Daniel Tiger, bow ties, the many ways and places you can find truth, water, nursing, chairs, cars, toenail clippers, pomegranates, applesauce, home schooling, radio communications, trains, tongues, emergency preparedness, "ABD's", that each of my daughters has a sister and each of my sons has a brother, books, brothers, the gospel, the Far Side, duckies, Costco, education, papers, Zippers (our cat), Calvin and Hobbes, monkey backpack, scriptures, electric lights, monsters like Grover, Elephant and Piggie, Strawberry and Wiggles and Snuggle Puppy and Turtle and Mommy and Daddy, coloring, penguins, toilets, running, laughter, authors, playing the piano, Pokemon, temples, Daniel Tiger costumes, Wiggles, composers, pajamas, bed time, the priesthood, toys, Strawberry, couches, kitty, storage space, the Savior, friends, Final Fantasy music, school, Daddy, calculus, Zippers (both the cat and the device), outside, Studio C, orchestra, Mommy, church callings, prophets, treats, blankets, Final Fantasy, piggy back rides, potty training, modern appliances, cello, bikes, Turtle's violin, Jesus movies, Joseph Smith, scouting, trucks, libraries, the county library system, story time, recipes on the internet, Snapware, Dinosaur Train, legs, pictures, Doggie Woof Woof, temple, chocolate, Daniel Tiger Tail, spinning, Kleenex, slides and swings, covenants, My Wife, candy, good examples, fuzzy blankets, reading books, the atonement, and the sacrament.