Friday, August 23, 2013

What Child is This?

So, our ultrasound was Tuesday morning.

The baby is measuring at 21 weeks, which is close to a week ahead of my due date. I have been praying all along that this baby would grow fast and healthy and come as early as was safe, and I'm very grateful because it seems like we are on that track. Even though my due date is officially several days into January, I'm really hoping that this baby will come this year, and maybe even before Christmas.
Baby would not hold still for a profile shot; is this a warning for future family photo shoots?

Before the ultrasound, all four of us - my husband, me, and both of our older children, thought we were having a girl. Both my husband and I feel absolutely certain that there is a girl who will come to our family. Then came the news - this one is a boy! (?) My husband and I have both felt some shock and confusion at this. (Our older son, however, is nothing but delighted!) It is hard for me to express the degree of my surprise. It's not that I don't want a boy. (Nor is it like I haven't had a boy before, because obviously I have, and it isn't like I haven't had a girl before, because obviously I have, and it's not like I have any baby stuff on hand for either gender!) I just thought this one was a girl!

The one other exceptional thing we can tell about this baby is how extremely wiggly he is. It made it hard for the ultrasound technician to take measurements or get clear pictures, because the baby didn't really hold still... ever. This holds true to my experiences this pregnancy, because I've come to pretty much expect this baby to be moving every hour of every day. I nearly always just appreciate this, though there are moments when it is distracting (like when I'm trying to accompany the congregation at church on the organ). Even when it's distracting, though, I appreciate the movement and the involvement of my baby in my life, for the humor of the challenge if nothing else.

At one point, near the end of the appointment, I made the comment, "I just wasn't expecting a boy." My (13 yr old) daughter turned to me and said, "Apparently you were!" Well, yes, my dear, apparently I was.

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