Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hairy Legs

My 10 yr old son asked me today about hairy legs; specifically, he wanted to know who shaves their legs and why. I was a little distracted, reading something at that moment... so I thought briefly, and said something about smooth legs being culturally acceptable on women where we live (i.e. in the US) because they are considered sexually attractive.

My son immediately got up to go back to what he was supposed to be doing (practicing his cello) and on his way out the door, said, "I think I'll keep my hairy legs."

Those moments when you had no idea what your kids were thinking.... 

I had to agree that it seemed like a good idea.

9/12/13 - Post edited to change "Harry" to "Hairy" after my husband pointed it out to me - I have to either blame the fact that I've always been a terrible speller, or else too much Harry Potter, or else pregnancy brain, or else all three...

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