Thursday, January 23, 2014

Talking to Littlest One

Of late, I have been really, really tired. Tux Man has been having some health problems - nerve problems in his legs - for nearly a year now, which mean that he has to sleep in the basement. (We thought a second bed in our bedroom would solve the problems he has sleeping on our bed, but it did not.) We visit each other often, but when it comes to middle-of-the-night-taking-care-of-a-newborn, it has pretty much been me on my own.

With our first two children, Tux Man was going to school full time and working (once our first child was born, I stopped working away from home until both our older kids were in school). This means that I have done this on my own before. I had expected to do the bulk of this work anyway, because I don't have to be at work the next morning and I'm really good at napping during the day.

So, I have been tired. And, as I think all babies do, our Littlest One sometimes fusses and we don't know why. This morning was one of those times, and I tried everything I knew to do and it didn't seem to help. I talked him through everything I did, and asked his opinions on what he needed, but to no avail. Finally, I told him I was going to wrap him in a blanket and see if he could fall asleep, because I suspected he might be really tired and need to sleep.

I tried it, and it didn't work... at first. Then I spoke softly in his ear and asked him to stop crying for two or three minutes, to see if maybe he really was tired and needed to sleep. I promised him that I would stay by him, so that I would be here when he woke up and he wouldn't have to cry until I came to him at that time.

And he settled down. And he fell asleep. And I fell asleep. And I nursed him in my mostly-asleep state, which meant that I actually got a 2 hour nap myself, and it's been another hour and a half and he is still asleep. So, I am staying here, watching him sleep.

I know there are plenty of times that talking to a baby doesn't work. But in general, I think we give them far too little credit for the intelligence they bring into this life with them.

Friday, January 10, 2014

My Life as a Stalker (Updated Post on internet privacy)

I updated this post because the original version was far too rambling. I've tried to get to the point much more succinctly now.

About ten years ago, one of my husband's brothers had recently gotten married. He and his wife went on a short vacation to California; while they were there, her parents called my husband's parents because because of some identity theft issues where someone was pretending to be her to access a bank account and such. It took some time and creative thinking, but I was the person able to track them down in California as they stayed with friends of friends (none of whom I knew).

My middle name is very unusual; a little over a year ago, I found out more details about the woman my parents gave me the name from. I was able to use this information to track her down, in spite of her specific efforts to minimize the availability of her information on the internet. Again, patience, time, and creative thinking paid off.

These are just two stories about how I am good at stalking people. 

Internet security scares me. It's hard to keep up; fridges can send spam, and one tab can steal secure information (like usernames, passwords, and credit card info) from another tab you have open ("cross site request forgery"). Unless you are careful, pictures taken with your cell phone may include your location. It's difficult to keep up, and changing policies from companies like Facebook and Apple make it even harder to control the movement of personal information and data.

Frightening though security is, I like the internet! I have only used Facebook for a few months now, but I really enjoy it! And, though someone could definitely stalk our family easily online, I really don't think that anybody is interested enough to bother doing so.

So, I choose to ignore some risks and avoid others. I keep a public blog, while my information on Facebook is only viewable by my "friends" (which does includes a lot of people I haven't seen in a lot of years). However, I actively avoid posting my children's names online. Thus, if you send in a comment with my kid's names, I won't publish it.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Baby Pictures

Moments after being born

One Day Old

A few days old

Ten Days Old

Family Pictures

We haven't used our non-cell-phone-camera in over a year, so the battery was dead! Thus, these pictures were taken with a cell phone camera. It's a great camera, except that the auto-focus can't keep up well enough. I was disappointed in how many of them were fuzzy, though imho the children are marvelous anyway!