Saturday, May 30, 2015

Growing Fast

This morning Strawberry rolled herself on her side, and is determined to turn her face downward into the bed as she struggles to roll over. (She rolled over once, a month and a half ago, but hasn't gotten all the way over again yet.) I moved her shortly after this, because I was worried about the way she was pressing her face into the bed.

Here is a she is, beside the outfit she came home from the hospital in. It occurs to me that the pajamas she is wearing are a little loose, but Oh She is Growing Fast! I'm glad for that - she needed to do so - but it makes me kind of sad. These days are flying by, and I feel that I don't have enough time to savor them.

And one more, no longer in loose pajamas:

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Strawberry the Scooter

The night before last, Strawberry started scooting during the night.

Last night, I put her feet in the corner (bottom left in this picture) just in case she decided to move again. She woke me up just before 7 by bonking her head against the wall!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Scanned Photos

Today I was privileged to scan some of my (late) grandmother's photos. There will probably be more to come, but I wanted to at least share these two tonight.


(I won't guarantee that one of these shots wasn't posed, because of the way they traded places - I wasn't in the room at the time - but I'm also pretty positive that one of them was absolutely spontaneous. I know I've seen this scene before!)

Strawberry @ 3 months

As of last week, Strawberry is three months old!

The day before Wiggles turned three months old, Tux Man had the tumor removed from his spinal column.

The day before Strawberry turned three months old, it was Tux Man's birthday. (Again! It makes you grateful, you know?)

Trying to sleep in the car this morning 
Last Friday, Strawberry spent the day practicing rolling over. She likes to pull her legs up to her chest and roll from side to side. If she stretches out just the right way at just the right moment, she can roll over, but she has only succeeded in actually doing so once so far. Her skills are coming along, though, and I know it won't be long before she is mobile.

 She is also doing her best to start sitting up independently. She can't actually do so at all yet, but she now complains if she thinks she has been horizontal too long.

I LOVE having a cell phone camera on me at all times. One day I was filming her, just because she was being so adorable, and I caught on camera that which I think was her very first giggle ever! Here it is in the first four seconds of this video.

I also love how, at the very beginning, her tongue was out!

I've recently been reading how much a friend of mine loves to use the "swaddle me" wraps to swaddle her babies as newborns. I've never loved them that much, but I decided to try it again... and Strawberry has definitely grown beyond that stage. After I tried to wrap her up one day, she insisted on only sleeping with her arms over her head for the next 24 hours.

I thought this would be a short post, but it really is so much fun to write about this delightful, beautiful little girl! I feel like she and Wiggles are already on their way to being best friends. He likes to hold her hand sometimes, and even when I catch him sitting on her or poking her, she seems to be very tolerant and happy to be with him. I'm so grateful!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Toddler Harness & the Payson Temple Open House

Last week I got a toddler harness for Wiggles. 

(That's the nice way to say that we got a leash for him. Actually, we got a backpack harness used, and attached the cat's leash to it. Why do I own a cat leash, you ask? Because, if we ever have to evacuate because of fire or flood, we'd like to be able to take our cat on a leash instead of keeping her in a carrier 24/7. But, it's gotten more use as a toddler leash in the last week than it did in the last three years as a cat leash.)

He LOVES it! Indoors or out, he begs to wear it every time he sees it.

It's a good thing he likes it so much, because it truly saves me - and him! - in situations where I have two babies and I can't keep both in the stroller or in my arms continuously. For example, on the afternoon I was buying said harness, I lost Wiggles in the store. I have occasionally lost a child for up to a couple of minutes... but never have I truly had no clue where my child was, and had to ask the clerks for assistance. Today, we were back at the same store, but I was prepared with the harness! I am happy to report that he was not lost, even for a few seconds, at any time today! :)

The same day we bought it, we used it in line while waiting to go into the Payson Temple Open House:
Wiggles loved the way you could bounce the chains along the walkway!

Strawberry was in the front carrier; at first she complained until I put her facing outward, and she stared around in fascination and delight inside the temple. She especially loved the ceilings. Near the end of the tour she got fussy, so she was facing me once again by the time we took these pictures at the end. (These were taken immediately after I discovered her diaper was leaking, so if you zoom in and she seems unhappy, that is probably why.)

 Turtle had her first (and only this year) AP test that morning, so we went out to dinner to celebrate her completion of that class (and also because Tux Man just had his birthday).
Tux Man decided to dance along when the servers came to our table to sing to him.
 I'm so glad I enjoy spending time with my husband and children! They bring me such delight!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Three Months Ago

I found some more pictures from almost three months ago. They bring me such delight that I really wanted to share.

(They are all from the day Strawberry came home from the hospital.)

This next set shows my exact combination of a week of sleep deprivation, combined with the elation of getting her dressed because we were going home!

It is extraordinary how well she has grown. And she is such a delight! I'm so grateful we have the opportunity to love her so.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

La Caille

Once a year, the French classes at the middle school get to go to La Caille - a very fancy French restaurant up on the mountainside. Turtle's first year she went with her dad, and last year I went with her (We also brought Wiggles, because Tux Man was recovering from his tumor surgery; he was recovered enough that we could leave him without having to get someone to come stay with him, but he wasn't yet at the point that he could actually hold the baby, let alone take care of him while we were gone.)

This year, she wanted the whole family to come! And come we did - except for Wiggles, who stayed with a neighbor for the evening.

Our Dinner Menu:

(You can read their regular menu here.)

 The rest of us had tried it before, but Snuggle Puppy got to taste escargot for the first time.

He liked it better than the salad!

(We all agreed, escargot is actually quite good, as it is smothered in butter and garlic and such.)

During dessert, a thundershower and hailstorm rushed in. It's a little blurry, but I love Turtle's total and complete appreciation of the storm!

It was quite loud, but really awesome to experience inside the garden court where dinner was served.

 Strawberry stayed asleep until after dessert, and woke up for just a few minutes before we went home.

The End of a Magical Evening