Thursday, May 14, 2015

La Caille

Once a year, the French classes at the middle school get to go to La Caille - a very fancy French restaurant up on the mountainside. Turtle's first year she went with her dad, and last year I went with her (We also brought Wiggles, because Tux Man was recovering from his tumor surgery; he was recovered enough that we could leave him without having to get someone to come stay with him, but he wasn't yet at the point that he could actually hold the baby, let alone take care of him while we were gone.)

This year, she wanted the whole family to come! And come we did - except for Wiggles, who stayed with a neighbor for the evening.

Our Dinner Menu:

(You can read their regular menu here.)

 The rest of us had tried it before, but Snuggle Puppy got to taste escargot for the first time.

He liked it better than the salad!

(We all agreed, escargot is actually quite good, as it is smothered in butter and garlic and such.)

During dessert, a thundershower and hailstorm rushed in. It's a little blurry, but I love Turtle's total and complete appreciation of the storm!

It was quite loud, but really awesome to experience inside the garden court where dinner was served.

 Strawberry stayed asleep until after dessert, and woke up for just a few minutes before we went home.

The End of a Magical Evening

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