Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Toddler Harness & the Payson Temple Open House

Last week I got a toddler harness for Wiggles. 

(That's the nice way to say that we got a leash for him. Actually, we got a backpack harness used, and attached the cat's leash to it. Why do I own a cat leash, you ask? Because, if we ever have to evacuate because of fire or flood, we'd like to be able to take our cat on a leash instead of keeping her in a carrier 24/7. But, it's gotten more use as a toddler leash in the last week than it did in the last three years as a cat leash.)

He LOVES it! Indoors or out, he begs to wear it every time he sees it.

It's a good thing he likes it so much, because it truly saves me - and him! - in situations where I have two babies and I can't keep both in the stroller or in my arms continuously. For example, on the afternoon I was buying said harness, I lost Wiggles in the store. I have occasionally lost a child for up to a couple of minutes... but never have I truly had no clue where my child was, and had to ask the clerks for assistance. Today, we were back at the same store, but I was prepared with the harness! I am happy to report that he was not lost, even for a few seconds, at any time today! :)

The same day we bought it, we used it in line while waiting to go into the Payson Temple Open House:
Wiggles loved the way you could bounce the chains along the walkway!

Strawberry was in the front carrier; at first she complained until I put her facing outward, and she stared around in fascination and delight inside the temple. She especially loved the ceilings. Near the end of the tour she got fussy, so she was facing me once again by the time we took these pictures at the end. (These were taken immediately after I discovered her diaper was leaking, so if you zoom in and she seems unhappy, that is probably why.)

 Turtle had her first (and only this year) AP test that morning, so we went out to dinner to celebrate her completion of that class (and also because Tux Man just had his birthday).
Tux Man decided to dance along when the servers came to our table to sing to him.
 I'm so glad I enjoy spending time with my husband and children! They bring me such delight!

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