Friday, June 19, 2015

Me @ 35 yrs & Strawberry @ 4 months

Last week was my birthday. It was definitely one for the memory books! I want to use this blog to share what is really going on in our lives - both the good and the bad - and my birthday definitely had plenty of both. The story is a bit long, so feel free to just skip through the pictures if you like; they are definitely the best part.

The night before, Strawberry started the hard, barking cough of croup. The morning of my birthday, she was having enough difficulty breathing that I knew I needed to take her to the doctor. After examining her and determining that she might need a nebulizer treatment of epinephrine, the doctor called Primary Children's Hospital to see if we needed travel there (drive of 45+ min north) or if they could keep us at the doctor's office. Strawberry started having enough trouble breathing that they decided to send us straight downstairs to the emergency room in the same building. I was grateful that Tux Man works less than 10 minutes from there, so he was able to join me and I didn't have to field to babies - one of them quite sick - in the emergency room by myself.
Marvelously happy baby, even when sick
Meanwhile, Snuggle Puppy had an opportunity that week to attend "Math Adventure Camp" at UVU (30 min south). I got a new camera for my birthday, actually a couple days before, and I had hoped to spend that morning taking pictures of him shooting his rocket he had built at camp. Most of the week he took the train back and forth, because the camp was across the parking lot from the train station, but rocket shooting was at a different location on campus. He needed to take the train and then a bus, and he was late because we had planned for me to drive him (and then I headed for the doctor's office instead); I was worried he would be really late, so I called my brother-in-law and asked him to meet Snuggle Puppy at the train station and drive him so that he wouldn't have to take the bus. Snuggle Puppy had forgotten his cell phone at school the previous day, he and his uncle missed each other, and I ended up with my 12-year-old in a unknown location, half an hour from home, with no cell phone, while I sat in the emergency room with my 4 month old having breathing problems, all on my birthday!
In the Emergency Room, getting ready to go home
I was able to call the UVU campus operator and track down the right department secretary who kindly went outside to the rocket launch and confirmed that my son had safely arrived. They initially gave Strawberry an oral steroid, and before they were able to give the epi nebulizer treatment she started doing better so they ended up just observing us for several hours, until we were certain the steroid had worked and she would not need the nebulizer, and then they let us go home.

Snuggle Puppy accidentally got on the wrong bus (to his credit, it was labeled as the right bus) and wasn't able to get back home until 2 1/2 hours after his camp ended. Eventually, though, everyone was safe at home again, I got a lovely afternoon nap, we had our traditional Papa Murphy's BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner (my favorite for many years now), and we even enjoyed running to Kneader's for my free birthday pastry. The day definitely ended far better than it started, thank Goodness!

Turtle and Snuggle Puppy gave Wiggles a bath during my nap
Strawberry enjoyed nuzzling the fuzzy blanket
A few days later, Strawberry turned 4 months old, and a few days after that, we passed the "three-months-after-my-due-date" day. That means that we no longer have to take her to the emergency room if she gets a fever of 100.4. In theory we don't have to worry so much when she catches a common cold either, though it seems likely she'll be like Turtle and Snuggle Puppy, each of whom went to the emergency room with breathing problems on several occasions.

It is so wonderful to have Wiggles and Strawberry in our lives. Even though there are almost eleven years between Snuggle Puppy and Wiggles, it's hard to imagine not having these two babies with us. They bring constant and extraordinary delight - like today, when Wiggles decided that Strawberry needed to wear his (Wiggle's) shoes.

I think that in spite of the challenges our family has faced in the last year and a half - and those we will continue to face - it's going to be a good year, and I'm very much looking forward to it.


  1. The one-shoe picture made me laugh!

    And, sorry I missed calling you on your birthday :(. I'm glad it ended well.

  2. Oh how stressful!! Glad everything turned out okay. Your babies are adorable. :)


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