Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tiresome Events

I have now had four flat tires in six months. The first three happened within six weeks last November/December, and the last one was this week.

My husband changed the first one for me (while I was out of town) It happened less than a block from home, when we had just left for the airport so I could fly out to see my grandmother for the last time. During that trip, I did learn that the San Francisco airport has an awesome parent's room that you have to call the operator to get a code to get into.

I learned the that Utah Highway Patrol can slow rush hour traffic for you if the need to, so that you can get across the freeway construction to a place where there is enough shoulder to change a tire. Also, they can change that tire for you in a matter of seconds! It's truly impressive.

For the third flat tire, I finally changed a tire by myself (at 6 months pregnant no less). Thankfully, Wiggles was not with me at the time.

And, for the fourth, I discovered that even though the breaker bar is still there, the lug wrench from my trunk has somehow been misplaced. The air compressor still works well though! A kind stranger helped me look for the missing lug wrench and noticed the air compressor and used it to pump up the tire for me so that I could go a few blocks to a tire place, where they put on the spare for me. The tire is now fixed, and the spare back in place, but I haven't found the lug wrench yet.

Sadly, I have no pictures for the third or the fourth day. I must have had my mind on something other than my camera....

The hardest one was definitely the second, while the fourth (when I had both babies and no other adults traveling with me) was surprisingly easy. The third really wasn't bad either.

Also, I'm no longer scared of flat tires. I just see them as exciting adventures now, because clearly I can make it through and be no worse for the wear. And, since three of the four had bad valve stems (and I assume the other did too even though we couldn't confirm it because it blew out), I am no longer anticipating yet another flat tire at any time. If it comes, though, hopefully I'll have found that lug wrench first!

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