Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wiggles @ 17 months

Wiggles has been sick for the last couple of weeks. He had a bad cold and a fever for several days, and I think he may have been teething as well. He is doing much better now, fortunately.

Wiggles still isn't talking much at all, but since we started getting Signing Time videos from the library, his vocabulary is increasing almost daily. Before his words were Dadad, and inconsistently Mom-mom-mom, more, occasionally bye-bye, and I am pretty certain I heard him say his baby sister's name several times. Now, he consistently signs more, please, thank you, food, drink, bye bye, outside, all done, hat, and I think a couple of other things. Sometimes he gets the meanings mixed up, but he's getting better and better daily. He'll surprise us nearly every day with a new sign. His pediatrician says that signs count as words until the age of 2 - so hopefully sometime in the next 7 months this new vocabulary of his will turn verbal - but for now I'm really pleased to be able to communicate with him in any way that works!

signing "drink" sloppily,
just because mommy asked
so she could take a picture of it
Getting a drink after signing!

Wiggles also wasn't showing any interest in books, and we were getting worried because we knew he needed to be enjoying those with us by now. Then I got a few books of a different flavor from the library... and now he loves books! He needed a couple of books that go with songs ("Rain, Rain, Go Away", "Here We Are Together", and "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes") so that each time we sat down to read to him, we actually sang to him. That made all the difference in the world. He can keep a steady beat - he's been able to basically since birth - and he can match pitch even though he can't say words (he sings the opening interval of the "clean up" song consistently). So, for such a musical child, music was the door that opened the world of books. I'm so grateful we finally figured that out!

 As always, he loves his little sister! It is so much fun to take pictures of them constantly! Here are a few - some individual, and some with them together - from just the last few days.

Here he had just stollen my popcorn
(having finished his)
And then he promptly shared it with his sister!

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