Tuesday, August 25, 2015


School has started again!

This means I'm home alone with babies most of the day. And, though I can't explain it, this seems to make me more productive.

This is how our routine is going:
6:50 am alarm goes off
7:00 am get up & have family scripture study and prayer
7:15 Snuggle Puppy leaves for school
7:25 Turtle leaves for school (Monday and Wednesday and every other Friday, Tux Man drives her and picks up the rest of her carpool on the way)
Then the babies and I have breakfast.
Then they get a bath and clean diapers and clothes for the day.
Next we go for a walk (usually a mile or a mile and a half, using my cadillac double stroller).
When we get home, with luck at least one baby is asleep and I risk taking a shower.
After that we have lunch, and by about 12:30 we turn on "Signing Time" (and I clean things in sight of the TV). I've decided that's the best time because on Mondays, we can watch an episode on one of the local channels then.
Next is "quiet time" when I try to rest for a few minutes. I'm starting to say "you can stay in here if you are quiet, but if you are noisy you have to go to your room by yourself". That was because yesterday I was absolutely at the end of my patience; today, he understood and it went much better. (Of course, I dozed off and when I woke up he was in the play pen basinet insert with his baby sister, not quite standing on her, using it to reach things he is not supposed to be into....)
And, about 3:00, we get up and it's time for Snuggle Puppy and Turtle to get home! And, there is no routine after that.
But, though it is a little stressful, it has been nice. I'm hoping to stick to this routine almost all of the time this year.

I'm having some trouble with my jaw. My dentist told me I need more sleep and less stress. (Imagine that....) Hopefully, this will help :) and I'm sure that the predictability of it will be good for Wiggles. I'm debating taking the time to look for pictures online to print out so that he even has a visual representation of the routine, because I did that for my older kids and I liked how that worked.

And, maybe, soon I'll get to blog about all the other awesome things we've done this summer!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Pioneer Trek

It is difficult - especially because of time - to describe how busy we have been this summer.

Tonight I won't even try.

But, I will share a few photos. Tux Man and Turtle got to go on a pioneer trek last week!

Tux Man was in charge of radio communications.

 The two dresses, and apron and bonnet, that Turtle wore were those that I had made for the pioneer trek I went on when I was 16.

Apparently, Turtle was proposed to (for dramatic effect) during storytelling one afternoon

They came back with extraordinary stories and memories they will always cherish. If they manage to type them up, I promise to share here! If not, you'll have to call and chat with them, or ask them next time you see them in person.


This morning:

... and tonight: