Sunday, September 20, 2015

I got to cook!

(I'm currently going back and completing drafts of blog entries I started previously. This one was dated June 19, and I'd made it all the way to half way through the first sentence!)

During family council each week, we have been assigning each of the older kids to cook one night. They also do dishes twice... though frequently something happens to change those plans (like an unexpected mid-week change of schedule). Tux Man and I each usually cook twice, plus we have a leftovers night and a date night, and at that point we're up to eight "nights" in the week, but since we also eat lunch on weekends... somehow there are still nights we struggle to pull dinner together, but having everyone contribute certainly helps. 

Anyway, on the weeks when I only cook once or twice, I find I have far more energy - mostly emotional energy - to try new recipes. Also, it helped tremendously to have the older kids home during the summer because they played with the babies while I was cooking. 

As a result, I have discovered the pleasure of cooking. I enjoyed baking in high school, but I've always really struggled with dinner. And, this summer, there were several times when I found myself thinking, I got to cook dinner! It was a nice change.


  1. I love that perspective! Maybe I will enjoy cooking more when my kids are older and can help more. I know I definitely love when Tommy helps. Funny how it's the simple things that help out and make us feel good. :)

  2. Hi. Actually, I join you in the joy of cooking ordinary fare but not baking. The lady across the street was coming home from the hospital with a new baby. They already had 5 kids. So it seemed the right thing to do to provide the family with a dinner for the occasion.

    I bought a meatloaf to bake in the oven. It had been prepared with a wonderful recipe by the folks at the local supermarket deli.

    When I told my wife, she asked, "What did you make to go with it?" I said, "Huh?" She rushed back to the deli, bought a vegetable platter, special bread, and other delicacies.

    When I took the meatloaf out, the center of it was caved in. But, we brought the whole caboodle over there. The wife, just home from having a baby, was delighted.

    A couple of days later I saw her husband in his driveway. He hailed me and said, "You gave us so much food we invited friends." I asked him, "Did you enjoy the meal?" He replied that everything was nice but wanted to know, "Could we get your recipe for the meatloaf/"


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