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Weekend trip to Idaho

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I'm not sure why this dissappeared from my blog, but I'm republishing it - with a few new pictures - and hopefully it will stick this time!

(I've removed the slide shows from this post, in hopes that making them their own post will solve the issues this post was having.)

My dad's youngest brother recently passed away, and we went to Idaho for the funeral last weekend. here are some picture highlights. Some are from my phone, some are from my camera, and I stole the one with my dad from my cousin's Facebook feed. (Thank you!)

Here I am, having just arrived. 

Here's a picture of my dad and his seven brothers displayed the funeral. It's got to be at least a decade old. If anyone can get me a digital (scanned, not cell-phone-camera-ed) copy of this, I would love it!
Because she travels so much for work, my mother had enough hotel points to get a room for her and my dad, and also a room where my sister stayed, along with me and both my babies. I picked up Aunt Philosophy from the airport on our way out of town, and she helped with the babies (read: sat in the back between them, while they cried much of the time). Here is Strawberry riding on the luggage cart as I headed back outside for a second load.

Here is Wiggles asleep in the travel bed. I slept perpendicular to him for the first half of the night, and parallel to him for the rest of the night. Between Wiggles and Strawberry I was up almost every hour, but at least the bed was quite comfortable. (Strawberry's first tooth finally broke the surface Sunday evening, around the time we got home. It's been visible for at least a couple of weeks - maybe more - and since it came through, she's gone back to only getting up once or sometimes twice a night to eat, and sleeping soundly the rest of the time. It's been pretty rough sleeping times for the last few weeks though, and I'm grateful it's finally gotten better!)

Breakfast at the hotel

Apparently I have a businessman in training.
Here is my awesome husband pushing the babies across the cemetery lawn.

One of my cousins, holding Strawberry
An awesome idea - one cousin built shelves into his van!

A truly perfect spiral on the top of the BBQ Chicken Pizza that the "Greatest Aunt" (as opposed to just a "Great Aunt") got just for me, because it's always my favorite!

And here is the Greatest Aunt holding Strawberry!

My cousin took a selfie with my parents. The expressions on my dad's face are often his favorite when a camera appears.

In high school, my father-in-law (on the right) was good friends with both my uncle (on the left) and my uncle who passed away. He came to the funeral with us. I love both of these men very much, and I really love this picture of them eating lunch together. I feel really truly blessed to be related to both of them.

We also got to visit some of my cousins in Shelley:

And Tux Man's cousins in Pocatello:
Wiggles really loved it inside this couch.

One of my cousins wrote an absolutely beautiful blog about my uncle's life, and his passing. I really love all the photos, because every person shown is my family too. Please read it at http://www.believeisaverb.com/2015/09/families-can-be-together-forever.html.

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