Tuesday, September 1, 2015

While you were gone...

Here are a few pictures of our day today, while Turtle and Snuggle Puppy were at school and while Tux Man was at work.

Wiggles kept getting himself stuck this morning. While I was nursing Strawberry, twice he laid down across the stairs in such a way that if he moved, he would roll down the staircase. The first time I got up and rescued him; the second time, I talked him through staying still until she was done and then I tried to teach him how to grab the baluster to help himself sit up. We'll see if it worked to teach him, or if he gets stuck again. (Sorry - no picture of this one.)

Then, he crawled across my bed, through the strap of the backpack. he was completely stuck and couldn't get loose without assistance.

We went to swim class at the gym today. Strawberry actually slept through it this time, so I didn't even get her dressed in her swim suit (which is kind of okay because she absolutely hates water), but I got them both dressed for the day after class. Here, they are both laying on the changing table because I needed to get him dressed and I knew she would be very upset if I put her in the stroller again when we weren't even going anywhere.

After that, I enjoyed my online photography class. Wiggles fell asleep but Strawberry had already enjoyed a marvelous morning nap, so at no point during the day have they both been asleep at the same time. (Translation: Mommy would love to have had a nap, but she didn't get one.)

After lunch, strawberry tried Cheerios for the first time. Mostly I think she and Wiggles just had fun playing with them together and periodically trading bowls. It was especially fun to see Wiggle pick up what she had spilled, putting one back in her bowl, and then one in his mouth, and then one back in her bowl...

And, just before big kids got home from school, here is Wiggles enjoying reaching the light switch from atop his chair. He now requests assistance to get his chairs throughout the house (note that we have three sets of stairs, however short they may be) just so that he can try out every light switch we have and verify which lights are controlled by it.

Since Strawberry started solids a couple weeks ago, right after she turned 6 months, we have a plan that tonight I'll take Snuggle Puppy and Turtle to a movie and use up some gift cards we have. Hopefully it will be a really good day even at the end of it. :)

(Do you ever think that ":)" should just replace "." in some sentences?)

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  1. So much like his brother!

    I still remember that time when I found him in your bedroom, sobbing as he was stuck under your bed-- he already had a pacifier in his mouth, but he had to go for the one which was just out of reach (but of course in sight) under the bed.


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