Monday, October 5, 2015

First Parade

So, all the way back in June, Turtle had her first parade!

We had gotten our new camera just days beforehand, and we really enjoyed trying it out at the parade. 

This picture vividly reminds me that, for Strawberry, this parade was half a lifetime ago.

 Here's Turtle and her awesomeness!

Tux Man was behind the camera - that new camera I mentioned - and suddenly we have pictures of me that I like! Plus, I'm perpetually surrounded by extraordinarily cute babies, so you really can't go wrong. :)

This is Snuggle Puppy, with his back to us,  breaking a board with a karate demonstration that was in the parade. At this exact moment we experimented with Manual Focus instead of Auto Focus on the camera, unfortunately, but it was still cool to see so I included it here anyway.

Finally, don't you love the mystery and wonder of the world around a 1 year old?!

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