Thursday, December 24, 2015

Update on cuteness

A week ago, Strawberry had three teeth - the two center bottom ones, and the top right (her left). I've never had a child do this before, but her forth tooth was another button one! A day later her fifth one, the other top center tooth, broke through, so it looks like she won't stay too uneven for too long.

Also, Strawberry makes extraordinarily excellent teradactyl noises; they are so good, we frequently call her a Berry-dactyl (based on her actual name, rather than her blog name). Other times her excellent tongue and lip buzzing lead us to rename her "Raspberry" instead of "Strawberry".

Wiggles is now very good at saying "yes" and "no". Yesterday Tux Man pointed out how much Wiggles sounds like the bit in Tron, and suggested the new nickname of "Little Bit". His nickname has been "Baby Boy", but since he turns two soon it might be time for a change to that. I really like "Little Bit" and I hope it sticks :).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Christmas Letter 2015

We wrote a family christmas letter this year! (For the first time in several years!)

But I want to know people actually get it, instead of having people who are important to me see it online and having me not know it,  so that later I ask them if they saw it and they're like "Oh yeah, I read that ages ago" and I feel like I was begging for attention that had already been given. So, to avoid that feeling, I'm not generally posting it, at least not at this point.

BUT I really do want people to receive it! so, I made a google form to collect contact information so I can send it to EVERYBODY!

So, here is the link:

If you already filled it out from my link on Facebook, or if you already received a copy by email because I"m related to you and I like to spam you that way, then don't worry about filling out the form again.

Also, if you are a random reader of my blog, please feel free to fill it out anyway! If I'm not going to recognize your name, though, put a description of yourself after your name or in the address field or just somewhere on the form. Thanks! :)