Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Family Christmas Letter 2015

We wrote a family christmas letter this year! (For the first time in several years!)

But I want to know people actually get it, instead of having people who are important to me see it online and having me not know it,  so that later I ask them if they saw it and they're like "Oh yeah, I read that ages ago" and I feel like I was begging for attention that had already been given. So, to avoid that feeling, I'm not generally posting it, at least not at this point.

BUT I really do want people to receive it! so, I made a google form to collect contact information so I can send it to EVERYBODY!

So, here is the link:

If you already filled it out from my link on Facebook, or if you already received a copy by email because I"m related to you and I like to spam you that way, then don't worry about filling out the form again.

Also, if you are a random reader of my blog, please feel free to fill it out anyway! If I'm not going to recognize your name, though, put a description of yourself after your name or in the address field or just somewhere on the form. Thanks! :)

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