Friday, June 24, 2016

Fun Times

A couple of weeks ago, Turtle got her first job! She had been filling out applications left and right, and then she started walking into places and asking to speak to a manager. She had gotten one impromptu interview that way and was asked back for a second one the next day, but then she stopped by another place on her way home, and the manager of that place was very happy to hire her on the spot and have her start that night! It's been amazing to watch her have this experience. I am so tremendously proud of her for her efforts to find a job, and especially for the way she made the effort herself to get the position. The "manager" who hired her was actually a store owner, and after deciding her wanted to hire her, he asked about her outside interests in order to match her to the best location where she would fit in well with the rest of the crew. Each day she comes home saying how much she loves work. One day she described an ongoing 90 minute conversation they'd had at work about holes in the universe. I'm grateful she has this opportunity to learn to work away from home (and get paid by someone besides Mommy & Daddy) in such a welcoming environment. It's a small local chain with four stores, specializing in "classic fast food as well as Greek and Mexican specialties". Plus, we stopped by the other day, and the food was excellent. I love the fact that, in additional to traditional combo meals, they also have "dinners" which include a side salad and choice of fries or rice, but no drink. It's a nice change from the usual options, and I am sure we will be eating there more often. As I told her the other day though, they would be more perfect if they had a play place...

Also a couple weeks ago now, Snuggle Puppy had his dance recital for the year. It was at Kingsbury Hall. Not only did he do very, very well in it... but he also was nominated for the dancer of the year! I think they selected one person from each class, or maybe each teacher selected one student from all their classes, but either way we thought it was awesome!

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