Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Mini Man

We used to call Wiggles "Baby Boy", but when he potty trained we changed it to "Mini Man". Last night we had a conversation with Wiggles that went something like this (and the last line is a direct, word-for-word quote):

"What is John's name?"
"What is Jaxon's name?"
"Jaxon! What is your name, Wiggles?"
"My name not my name. My name Mini Man!"

Friday, September 2, 2016

Things that make our family unique

Our brainstorm from Family Home Evening last week on things that make our family unique:
Mother is a math major
The ELEVEN year gap - with the same parents!
Two woodwind players are parents to two string players
we all play music
we are Mormons (that makes us peculiar)
We have one student homeschooling & one in a public charter school
We like to go camping but we don't like to get messy
("It's not that I object to camping - it's just that I object to dirt"
"It's not that I object to bugs, it's just that I object to things that are not human... wait, some humans too...")
Our weaknesses and our strengths make us unique