Sunday, December 11, 2016


Note that this was not an ordered list.
We are thankful for sour cream, smoothie, glazed ham, potatoes, smoothie, family, a job that provides well, the pumpkin, turtles, cheese, "didit" (blanket), good cars, short commute, salad, our piano, vision correction, maps, family activities, professional installers, juice, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat, the internet, baths, baby babble, heating and air conditioning, milk, Gary's cello, water, "more", Strawberry's hair growing, competent neurosurgeons, sausage, our kitchen, job specialization, buckles, indoor plumbing, a comfortable bed, Avatar, Strawberry's fuzzy owl pajamas, my genetics, snuggles, disposable diapers, music, potato, zucchini fritters, culture, airplanes, computers, smart phones, ham, noses, prosthetic brains, nursery, Jesus Christ, liberty, Daniel Tiger ears, Hank Smith, communication and storage of ideas, Jesus Christ, electronic shopping lists, family and friends, Daniel Tiger, bow ties, the many ways and places you can find truth, water, nursing, chairs, cars, toenail clippers, pomegranates, applesauce, home schooling, radio communications, trains, tongues, emergency preparedness, "ABD's", that each of my daughters has a sister and each of my sons has a brother, books, brothers, the gospel, the Far Side, duckies, Costco, education, papers, Zippers (our cat), Calvin and Hobbes, monkey backpack, scriptures, electric lights, monsters like Grover, Elephant and Piggie, Strawberry and Wiggles and Snuggle Puppy and Turtle and Mommy and Daddy, coloring, penguins, toilets, running, laughter, authors, playing the piano, Pokemon, temples, Daniel Tiger costumes, Wiggles, composers, pajamas, bed time, the priesthood, toys, Strawberry, couches, kitty, storage space, the Savior, friends, Final Fantasy music, school, Daddy, calculus, Zippers (both the cat and the device), outside, Studio C, orchestra, Mommy, church callings, prophets, treats, blankets, Final Fantasy, piggy back rides, potty training, modern appliances, cello, bikes, Turtle's violin, Jesus movies, Joseph Smith, scouting, trucks, libraries, the county library system, story time, recipes on the internet, Snapware, Dinosaur Train, legs, pictures, Doggie Woof Woof, temple, chocolate, Daniel Tiger Tail, spinning, Kleenex, slides and swings, covenants, My Wife, candy, good examples, fuzzy blankets, reading books, the atonement, and the sacrament.

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