Wednesday, May 31, 2017

New Messes (A Poem)


Please fill my house with messes
Each and every day
It’s summer time, so please explore
Up and down the way.
Make messes in the kitchen,
And in the backyard too,
Make certain those who visit
Are sure they’ve found the zoo!
Play with blocks, or sand and water,
Use the dishes big and small,
Make some edible creations!
And paint a mural in the hall.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
It might seem different than you thought,
But without those “failing” efforts,
You’ll never make the thing you sought.
Make sure that every mess is new.
For if you leave mess long,
Our space will fill with clutter
That mutes creative song.
Old messes slow you down!
And very soon you’ll find
They restrict creative hearts and hands,
And restrain creative minds.
So be careful with your clutter.
Make messes every day!
But never leave a mess until it’s old.
Please preserve the place we play.

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