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Last updated Tuesday, October 22.

I would love nearly everything used! (Exceptions pacifiers, diaper bag, and maybe sleeping space.)

Stuff I have:
over the shoulder sling (the kind I loved before!)
high chair (booster seat - got it for free! - again, the kind I loved having before)
Chicco Cortina stroller
Some clothes (making an inventory of this is on my to-do list)
somewhat-working swing (missing some pieces, but someone I know probably has the parts I need...)

Stuff I think I need:
clothes (onesies, shirts, pants, socks, eventually shoes, etc.) - INVENTORY LIST HERE http://houseofpenguin.blogspot.com/2013/11/baby-clothes-inventory.html


reusable nursing pads & milk storage bags

burp cloths - maybe cloth diapers :)
bouncy seat, or something else for setting baby down when working in the basement

pacifiers - one or two each of several types, newborn size, to start with - I now have 2 newborn size!

Diaper bag (my husband has requested we get a NEW one - Any advice on what makes a good diaper bag? I don't remember!)
Changing pad - found this one today (for sale here) that I really like
Baby toiletries (bulb syrings, baby nail clippers, pacifier-type medicine dispenser, ora-gel, etc.) - I've noticed two different kits at walmart.com and at diapers.com but I haven't studied what is better or even necessary yet

baby gates (need 2 or 3 that are 4' wide with only vertical slots, with bars close enough together that my cat can't fit between them; we may have to custom build these)

diaper rash ointment (I once found this in a spritzer bottle, and I would LOVE to get more of it like that!!!)

baby blankets

Big stuff I think I need:

baby monitor - I DEFINITELY need a good one of these, but I totally haven't done any research yet. I think we want audio only, but our house is split level and technically has 4 floors, so there is no way I can count on hearing the baby in bed from the basement. Any advice on this?
dresser/changing table (doesn't have to be new, though I do really like this one  from ikea and I have a perfect spot to put it!)
car seat - prefer infant carrier w/ 2 bases - Chicco has the very highest consumer report ratings, and that's the kind of stroller I have, but it's also the very most expensive one out there; I'm also looking into the Babytrends ones because of the handle
Crib update: I found what I want! It's just more expensive than I want... It's called a "Nap 'N Pack" or else a "Roam 'N Holiday"
Amazon version #1

Walmart (no longer available, but if I could get it for this price I would have already bought it)

Stuff I think I want:
boppy (never had one, but I'd like to try it)
double electric pump / kit for double electric pump (I don't expect to use bottles at all, but I do hope to donate milk for a family who is adopting or who has a high medical needs child)
baby towels
play pen - used will do just fine - initially  I thought  I wanted a Newborn Napper, but I think I've changed my mind...

Big stuff I think I want:
wind up swing - before I had one that looked like this - they don't make them any more, so if anyone knows where I can get a used one, I would love to buy it!!!

For later:
baby dishes (bowls, spoons, high quality sippy cups, etc.)
outlet covers, cabinet locks, fridge lock, toilet locks

board books
rattle / toys

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